Next Class Start Dates:

Wednesday 25 September 2019 @ Bankstown
1st class: 6:45pm / 2nd-5th classes: 7pm

Tuesday 8 October 2019 @ Peakhurst
1st class: 6:45pm / 2nd-5th classes: 7pm

Enrolling in Puppy Pre-school enables your puppy to have the best start in life and the opportunity for your puppy to grow into a well behaved, sociable dog. Puppy Pre-school training is an important early building block in your dogs' education.

Puppy Pre-school Benefits

  • Teaches you how to train your puppy

  • Teaches you about responsible dog ownership

  • Teaches your puppy how to cope with life in the human world

  • Gives you an understanding of normal puppy behaviour

  • Teaches you how to read your puppy's body language and respond appropriately

  • Helps you understand what it means to socialise your puppy

  • Teaches your puppy practical obedience skills such as sit, drop, come when called and walking nicely on a lead

  • Covers issues such as toilet training and biting

  • Full course notes to keep

Attending puppy pre-school helps make your relationship with your dog more rewarding over the years to come.

Why Choose Our Puppy Pre-School?

While many other clinics utilise a nurse to run their classes, our trainers are trained and accredited by the Delta Professional Dog Trainers Association (DPDTA).
Our classes are held in an intimate setting as we follow Delta class size guidelines which limit classes to a maximum of 5 participants. This gives you and your puppy the attention required for proper learning.

When to Sign-up and Where

If you are interested in Puppy Pre-School be sure not to wait until they are too old
— Trainer Jenny

Classes are specifically for dogs aged between 8 and 16 weeks of age, as this is the crucial learning period in their lives. The importance of this period has been confirmed by studies and cannot be overstated.

  • We run a five week class on Tuesday nights at 7pm (first week only starts at 6:30pm).

  • Alternate option: If Tuesdays are difficult for you we also run an identical class at our Bankstown hospital on Wednesday nights at 7pm (first week only starts at 6:30pm). See above for the next dates.

Call our Boundary Road trainer Jenny on 0475 588 001 and enquire about enrolling your puppy in our Puppy Pre-school classes. For our Bankstown classes call Marion on 0497 424 467.


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Learning in action!

puppy school 07-06-17.jpg

Congratulations to Kingston, Max, Georgie and Lilo who graduated 7/6/17

Congratulations to Lexi, Hunter, Chino and Eevee for graduating 30/5/17
Also a special mention for Coco who graduated a week earlier

Congratulations to Aeris, Bella, Tubby and Kai for graduating 29/3/17
Also an honourable mention for Ragnar who couldn't make the last class

Congratulations to Ellie, Peaches, Titus, Truffles, Evie and Pepper for graduating 14/3/17

Congratulations to Daisy, Billy, Spyro and Mia for graduating 22/2/17
Also an honourable mention to Max who couldn't make the last class.

Congratulations to Buddy, Hunny, Holly, Kodi and Boof for graduating 7/2/17

Congratulations to Sweep, Charlee and Koco for graduating 29/11/16

Congratulations to Leo, Tilly, Willow and Indigo for graduating 25/10/16

Congratulations to Sophie and Kyrie for graduating 5/10/16.
Also an honourable mention to Dudley and Sebastian who couldn't make the last class

Congratulations to Hugo, Miffy and Peppa for graduating 21/9/16. 
Also an honourable mention to Casper and Milo who couldn't make the last class.

Congratulations to Pepper, Basil, Lulu and Sophie for graduating 24/8/16

Congratulations to Kiba, Bonza and Jade for graduating 9/8/16
Also an honourable mention for Toffee who was unable to make the last class.

Congratulations to Mocha, Buddy, Coco and Muffin for graduating 20/7/16
Also an honourable mention for Rex who was unable to make the last class.

Congratulations to Alfie and Holly for graduating 5/7/16
Also an honourable mention for Gracie who couldn't make the final class.

Congratulations to Murphy, Sully, Chief, Roxy and Bonnie 31/5/16

Congratulations to Roary, Jasper, Biscuit and Apollo 11/5/16

Congratulations to Linc, Sammy and Athena for graduating 27/04/16

Congratulations to Bee Gee, Wallace, Molly, Johnny and Tommi for graduating 22/03/16

Congratulations to Goomba, Lana, Walley, Riley and Bella for graduating 16/02/16

Congratulations toTazz, Rocco, Indy, Rebel and Oscar for graduating 19/11/15

Congratulations to Izzy, Betty, Scooter and Charlie for graduating 3/11/15

puppy school 14-10-15.jpg

Congratulations to Odin, Jaffa, Coco, Elly, Bailey and Lynn for graduating 14/10/15

Congratulations to Oscar and Mr Magoo for graduating 29/9/15
Also an honourable mention goes to Yumi and Mya who couldn't make the last class

Congratulations to Rosie, Yoda, Teddy, Nami and Bailey for graduating 25/8/15

Congratulations to Leroy, Ava, Kelsier, Benji and Henry for graduating 5/8/15

Congratulations to Frank, Simba, Zoe and Milano for graduating 21/7/15

Congratulations to Bane, Daisy, Bella and Bertie for graduating 1/7/15
Also an honourable mention goes to Mikey who couldn't make the last class

Congratulations to Loki, Sooty and Dexter for graduating on 23/6/15

Congrautlations to Eevee and Elvis for graduation 27/5/15
Also an honourable mention goes to Bertie who couldn't make the last class

Congratulations to Finlay, Pele and Buddy for graduating on 12/5/15

Congratulations to Cooper, Puglsey, Bailey, Mac and Teddy for graduating on 22/4/15

Congratulations to Dorris, Riley, Jake, Tammy and Lulu for graduating on 31/3/15

Congratulations to Chaz, Koopa, Tyson and Doc for graduating on 18/3/15

Congratulations to Archie, Chewie, Cookie and Ella for graduating on 24/2/15

Congratulations to Pele, Simba, Snoop Dawg and Chaz for graduating on 11/2/15

Congratulations to Bella, Noodle, Max and Honey for graduating on 9/12/14

Congratulations to Huge for graduating on 26/11/14
Also a special mention goes to Cookie, Noa and Popcorn who couldn't make the last class

Congratulations to Star, Minnie, Max, Missy and Scout for graduating on 4/11/14

puppy school 22-10-14.jpg

Congratulations to Dovy, Melina and Dude for graduating on 22/10/14

Congratulations to Mika, Porter, Rusty and Midnight for graduating on 17/09/14

Congratulations to Gryffin, Lili and Tango for graduating on 26/08/14

Congratulations to Enzo, Thor, Charlie and Elsa for graduating on 13/08/14

Congratulations to Blaze, Bixby and Lily for graduating on 22/07/14

Congratulations to Charlie, Tasha and Miso for graduating on 2/07/14

Congratulations to Hooch and Jasper for graduating on 28/05/14

Congratulations to Cino, Vincent, Willow, Sooty and JD for graduating on 23/04/14

Congratulations to Edgar, Milo, Cookie and Pepsi (above) for graduating on 19/03/14

Congratulations to Zorro, Ruby and Cam (above) for graduating on 12/02/14

Congratulations to Bailey and Romeo (above) for graduating on 23/12/13
We also wish K.Kay, Charlie and Chelsea well who were unable to complete the last class due to Christmas commitments 

Congratulations to Mia, Blue and Daemon (above) for graduating on 20/11/13

Congratulations to Zeus, Jazzmin, Kobe and Ruby (above) for graduating on 16/10/13

Congratulations to Rocky, Bowser, Alaska and Saffy (above) for graduating on 4/09/13