About Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a safety net designed to protect your pet and wallet when the unexpected happens. Today’s veterinary care can provide your pet the latest medical advancements, but this expertise can be costly.

Pet insurance companies offer a variety of flexible policies with premiums that will fit into your household budget and ensure that no matter the illness or accident, you are financially prepared for the medical attention that your pet needs. Select the option that works best for both your pet and your wallet.

Where to Get Pet Insurance

No veterinary practice in Australia is authorised to sell pet insurance for ethical reasons and this advice is of a general nature only. We do not recommend any particular policy over another and you should only choose a financial product that suits your financial circumstances.

Below is a listing of insurance companies offering pet insurance. This list is not exhaustive and you may wish to do a search for those that may not be listed.

We also of course cannot make any guarantees about any of the various insurers. You should read their product disclosure statements (PDS) and make an informed decision.




I have pet insurance. Can I claim at time of treatment?

Unfortunately insurance companies have yet to put a system in place like HICAPS for human health insurance, which allows immediate claims with your insurer. We hope they set something like this up in the future. Until this happens the insurance companies require you to pay your veterinary health care provider and then claim from your insurer, just like the old days with human health insurance.

What does pet insurance cover?

This is entirely dependent on the insurance company and cover you select. See above for independent comparison and review links.

What are some common areas you hear questions about?

We hear lots of questions about insurance policies. We can't summarise them all here but there are a few areas that come up more than others. When comparing insurers or learning about your current policy, we encourage you to be mindful of policy details about pre-existing conditions, what is covered and what is not covered, and ensuring you read any obligations you have over the course of your cover to ensure you comply with insurance company requirements. Also, be sure to read about any changes the insurer makes to ensure the policy continues to meet your requirements. 

Will you help me with my insurance claim?

We cannot submit a claim directly on your behalf but we will certainly assist with your claim where required by your insurance company. This usually involves your veterinarian completing a claim form your insurer will ask you to give to us and sending your insurer a patient history.